Our most common questions, neatly arranged


Are there any limitations as to how I can use Genderize.io?

No! Use it any way you want. You should'nt bother with any attributions or alike.

Are there any special features for agencies?

Our features are available for everyone. When you register as a user, you will have online access to usage charts and invoices for you invoice department.

Do you make any guarantees about uptime?

No. But we are using the API ourselves, so we'll always do our best.

How can i keep track of my remaining names?

Check out your dashboard, it has a nice graph. If you need exact numbers when using the API you can utilize the X-Rate headers that the API is using in responses.


Is my credit card information safe with you?

Yes. We use Stripe as a payment provider. Your information is stored with them and will never touch our servers.

Can I get an invoice when i'm charged?

Yes. You can always download past invoices from your dashboard. We'll also mail them to you whenever you get charged.


How do i get in contact with Genderize?

Throw us an email at info@genderize.io.